Instructions for using RIC-KI and connecting with an Idea Inventor

STEP 1: Once you have created an account you are welcome to browse RIC-KI.  If you find an idea that interests you, and you wish to explore further, please complete the expression of interest form and the Idea Inventor will contact you within 21 days to arrange a discussion about how the idea can be developed further.

STEP 2: Together, you can decide who joins your research team and whether you wish to involve others. You will need to discuss how you will work together and your specific roles and expectations of each other. 

STEP 3: You may wish to complete an agreement that outlines how the research team will work together on the idea. An example template has been created to facilitate this process.

Listing Ideas on RIC-KI (Idea Inventors)

Those wishing to list and share their research idea with others on RIC-KI must complete the idea sharing form.  Incomplete forms or forms that are considered not to meet the RIC-KI quality threshold will be returned to the Idea Inventor for modification prior to listing on the RIC-KI platform. 

A Microsoft Word version of the form is also available, please email to request a copy.

Types of sharing and collaborations

Sharing ideas is understood by RIC-KI in the broadest sense and could include leading the research study/collaboration, contributing as a co-investigator in the research/collaboration, offer expertise in the idea/study, collect data, advise/conduct data analyses, contribute to writing publications and offer resources (e.g. software, algorithms, equipment & funding). We will ask Idea Inventors to specify the type of collaboration they are looking for.

Expressing an interest in a RIC-KI idea (Research Collaborators)

You will need to create a RIC-KI account to view and express an interest in the ideas listed.

You can then browse our Idea catalogues to find an Idea you would like to collaborate on:

We only accept one expression of interest at a time from collaborators – however as soon as a decision has been reached you are welcome to submit another expression of interest.

RIC-KI timeline

One of the core aims of RIC-KI is to enable research to go further, faster. As such, we expect that projects will begin as soon as possible after the collaboration has been agreed.

We suggest projects formed through RIC-KI run to the following timescales:

Stage 1 – forming a collaboration

Day 1: Expression of Interest passed from the potential collaborator to the Idea Inventor

Day 21: Idea Inventor has by this point made initial contact with the potential collaborator to either:

  • Agree to collaborate
  • Decline expression of interest
  • Request further information
  • Request an initial meeting.

Day 21: Idea Inventor has informed the RIC-KI team of the outcome of the Expression of Interest (whether accepted, more information requested or declined).

Stage 2 – collaboration agreed

Day 1: collaboration begins

Day 28: first meeting to be held within four weeks of agreeing collaboration or

Month 5-6: initial feedback will be collected by the RIC-KI team

Month 12: written annual feedback to be sent to the RIC-KI team

Month 24: where applicable, second annual feedback to be sent to the RIC-KI team

Annual feedback to be provided until the end of the project.

Accepting the RIC-KI terms and conditions of use

If you would like to view or express an interest in an idea listed on RIC-KI you will need to accept the terms and conditions of use when prompted to do so.

RIC-KI clinics

Got an idea but not sure if it’s RIC-KI ready? Book a slot for a RIC-KI clinic, a free 1-2-1 video call with the RIC-KI team, and we’ll go through your idea and identify any areas that would benefit from further development, or answer any other questions you may have. Email us to book your session.