Dual exercise interventions to prevent dementia

Promoting independence and memory for people with and at risk for dementia.

‘People don’t get cancer, families do’- working with families impacted by cancer to promote the importance of physical activity

Physical activity during and after treatment for cancer is safe and beneficial. Yet, patients remain inactive and physical activity is not recognised as a crucial tog in a patient’s cancer treatment.

Identifying barriers to engaging in physical activity in underserved communities in Charnwood

Using a citizen science approach to understand physical activity barriers in Charnwood, Leicestershire.

Objectively measured physical activity patterns of adolescents in Ghana

This project will help address the urgent issue of insufficient physical activity levels among adolescents in Ghana.

The effort paradox in physical activity promotion

Significant effort is required to make meaningful changes to physical activity behaviour, but this effort can have an impact on motivation. This idea explores tailoring interventions to maximise adherence and engagement.

Men on the margins: constructing health behaviour within communities of deprivation

This study will explore the intersection between masculinity and poverty and its impact on health.

The development and evaluation of a digital intervention to increase physical activity in disabled older adults

A potential way to promote physical activity in community-dwelling older adults with disabilities is through web-based (or digital) interventions.

Dose-response associations of physical activity with weight management: a multilevel-network meta-regression analysis of aggregate data

The main purpose of this research question is to investigate the optimal dose (METs/week) to manage weight effectively.

Dog walking for dog and human health

Investigating the benefits of walking goals for puppies and their owners.

Using a breast cancer diagnosis as a teachable moment for mothers and their daughters for primary and secondary prevention

Exploring how to engage with breast cancer patients and their daughters and granddaughters to encourage physical activity.