Can Trauma-Informed approaches help practitioners to support young people to make choices that enhance their health, wellbeing and weight more effectively?

Children and young people whose bodies do not conform to societal expectations have a greater risk of being teased or bullied. This may be experienced as trauma. Trauma-informed practice aims to develop awareness of how trauma negatively impacts individuals to facilitate responses which empower them to make choices that promote their health and wellbeing.

Objectively measured physical activity patterns of adolescents in Ghana

This project will help address the urgent issue of insufficient physical activity levels among adolescents in Ghana.

Dietary diversity and child malnutrition in Guatemala

Analysing dietary diversity among mother/child dyads in Guatemala.

Birth outcomes in twins compared to singleton offspring

Children born preterm or smaller at birth are at greater risk of multiple health conditions in adulthood. Most studies have only explored these outcomes in singleton pregnancies despite low birthweight being more common in multiple births.