Can we enhance wellbeing by increasing motivational flexibility?

There is an urgent need for ways to support people in managing their wellbeing that are easy to implement, low in cost and evidence-based.

Systematic review of reversal theory-based interventions to change health-related outcomes

A number of theories are used to underpin behaviour change interventions aiming to improve health outcomes, but evidence is yet to identify that these are fully successful.

Can we help workplaces understand the impact of their health and wellbeing initiatives?

Many workplaces have implemented health and wellbeing initiatives to improve mental wellbeing, yet few know the impact of these initiatives.

How do work, home and natural environments impact social, physical and mental wellbeing and productivity?

Evaluating the impact of changing from a traditional office to a new workspace built using agile design principles.

Birth outcomes in twins compared to singleton offspring

Children born preterm or smaller at birth are at greater risk of multiple health conditions in adulthood. Most studies have only explored these outcomes in singleton pregnancies despite low birthweight being more common in multiple births.

Motivational Interviewing

Motivational Interviewing (MI) is a talking therapy used to effect behaviour change. Therapists get little feedback, but software is being developed to automatically assess MI.

The impact of homeworking on occupational sedentary behaviour: prevalence and opportunities

COVID-19 caused a rapid change in the working environment, resulting many workplaces having to close and vast numbers of workers now working from home. Initial evidence suggests that levels of physical activity in the population have fallen over the course of the pandemic.